Monday, August 2, 2010

Knowles Legacy, Chapter Five

Ayesha was making more time for logic, including playing at the park in a tournament. She didn't win, but it was a good experience for her.

Kimball also like the park. Of course, he loves the outdoors anyway - but he especially liked visiting the park with Sonia.

Sonia loved the park with Kimball, so the feeling was mutual.

Now dig this - although Kimball had been blessed with the Great Kisser trait, he'd never yet kissed a girl! (For which his father and mother had been eternally grateful, what with all those girls he'd been getting to know!)

But tonight - well, tonight Sonia looked irresistable.

She giggled and looked at him out the corner of her eyes as he leaned closer...

But she'd always wanted to be kissed by a Great Kisser - actually, by this particular Great Kisser - so she accepted his advances and they shared their first kiss on the same spot where Kimball's parents had been married.

The Great Kisser thing really was great - and Sonia went back for more!

Kimball asked her to go steady and Sonia breathlessly agreed.

Kimball went home thrilled to the core! He had a girlfriend! A real girlfriend!

Geoff had made a habit of staying out late collecting or fishing. So late, that sometimes he'd nap on the benches in the cemetary. He didn't even seem to notice when the ghosts played with his bench and made it float! Brave soul that he is.
Ayesha was a little ticked that he stayed out so late. He'd describe the ghosts to her, like the orange one that stank to high heaven.

And the old guy who actually drove a car around town!

However, Geoff was home the night the cop car showed up in front of their house. And no - there was no burglar alarm going off.

Kimball had stayed out too late with Sonia. Geoff scolded Kimball soundly. Actually "scold" might be too mild a word! Kimball was not impressed.

Luckily for Kimball, Geoff continued visiting with ghosts, and so wasn't around for Kimball's other late-night entrances when he snuck in the back gate.
What really started worrying Ayesha was that Geoff claimed to talk to the things!
And it didn't help her to be convinced of his sanity when he insisted on visiting the catacombs. He saw "awful, horrible things a person should never see" - or something to that effect. It left him quite scarred. ;)
Evenutally, Geoff drifted from the cemetary and back into gem hunting, which consoled Ayesha greatly.

For those that don't have one yet, this is what the Collection Helper does when you're close to the ground - the thing you're looking for shines! Particularly effective when they are gems near the old mine. ;)

In order to attempt to stick to the new LandLubbers' rules, the Knowles' bought a pretty desk and began displaying one of each type of gem.

It really sucked that Geoff finally found the extremely rare Pink Diamond and had to get it cut and then keep it! It was worth §7,025!!!

Geoff and Kimball managed to mend their relationship a bit, which was aided by Geoff helping his son with his homework even when he was almost too tired to think himself.
Ayesha and Sonia met in the park for a little tutoring session, being as Ayesha had improved her logic skills so much. Ayesha really liked her son's girlfriend and secretly hoped she'd become part of the family one day.

Once in awhile, someone would head down to the library. Geoff ran across Kaylynn Langaraak there. She's quite pretty, no? Geoff was friends with her dad, Dustin.

One day Kimball went to the park. While there, he ran into the Ursines - and Sonia was an adult! She was still called his "girlfriend" in his panel, but he couldn't do any romantic schmoozing with her. He was heartbroken, because she was looking hot in that dress!

So they chatted amiably while he counted the days to his birthday in his head.

Four. Four freaking lousy lonely days! Aaargh!

The money kept coming in. Ayesha now had her own Collection Helper. That got her pretty excited and she was out running around town, which left Geoff with some time off to continue with his dream of making 20 friends.

Agnes Crumplebottom was no longer a spring chick. She looked at Geoff wistfully, as if she regretted letting him get away on her.

Geoff wandered over to the theatre to watch Arlo Ramsey play his guitar. And then, shocker of all shockers - - Corrigan Bay has dwarfs!

Yes, out of nowhere, this little short person appeared, looking slightly glitched.

She made her way through the crowd, and all Geoff could do was stare unpolitely. He could hardly be blamed - dwarfs had not been seen in all Simland ever before!

It looked to Geoff as if she were asking the tall man to move so she could get some sunlight, but surely they were just talking about the weather!

Yes, sure enough, it was just about the weather. Geoff shook his head, trying to get a grip.

Then he looked over and there was Bella Bachelor! She'd grown up since he'd last seen her when he'd harvested the flower from the Death Plant at the cemetary!

And when she smiled - whoa! It was the only time he'd even briefly entertained the thought of cheating on his wife.

Not a good day. Too many weird things happening! He went home and straight to bed!

He kept up his visits with Cornelia Goth. Never any real attraction there, but he did like her company. She talked about the funniest things sometimes!

And - she had ghosts in the house, so it was a way for Geoff to get a ghost fix without Ayesha freaking on him about cemetaries and such. ;) Because he was Brave, he always had a good chuckle when he saw a ghost!

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