Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knowles Legacy, Chapter Four

Soon it was time for little Kimball's birthday. He'd done really well in school and made his parent's so proud, that he got another trait. "Good Kisser". *snicker*

Geoff was out fishing or hunting up gems, and he didn't make it home in time for Kimball's transformation. I hope Kimball will forgive him for that.

Here he is, all grown up and looking very much like his father. Even dresses like him - which changed pretty fast, mind you. They already looked too much alike!

Geoff found two more gnomes to go with the one they already owned. Unfortunately, this was all they did together - stand there. They ended up being sold for cash.

Kimball's birthday had been on a Friday night, so he'd had a couple of days to get used to being a teen before he headed off to school Monday morning. He even got his collecting feet wet that weekend!

Skipping some days here, this was a sunrise shot of the Knowles' home as it looked at this point.

Ayesha had the Brave trait, of course, and that meant she didn't mind ghosts sneaking around her while she was fishing, although she wondered what this fellow was up to for a minute.

It appeared, however that he was just sneaking up on another unsuspecting ghost. Neither of them were happy about the dead Death Plant near the entrance to the graveyard.

Ayesha just kept fishing while the old white guy scared the young blue girl. "Tch, silly ghosts," she chuckled.

But then she shouted with glee, and both ghosts looked on as she pulled her first Deathfish out of the waters of the cemetery pond!

Geoff and Ayesha were still madly in love. They really made a good team in this life, and their home was changing around them almost daily. Geoff was sending so many gems away to be cut that he was allowed more and more types of cuts to use. Now it was a case of figuring out which cuts would be best for which gems to get the most money for them.

Meanwhile, Kimball was feeling his oats. He visited friends' houses after school - mostly girl friends, actually.

He thought he might like this one, but he found out she chatted a lot and he quickly forgot her name while his mind went numb.


"Uh, I gotta go, I don't want the cops to get me past my curfew," he lied. It was sunset. Waaay too early for curfew fears. But she bought it and just nodded and smiled.

He was glad he escaped that one.


Geoff went up to the Goth household and found out that Gunther had passed on as Cornelia was there alone with her son, Mortimer.

Bit of a shocker, but then, he'd never been as close to Gunther as he had been to Cornelia.


They had a good chat together, catching up on old times. Cornelia even cooked dinner for everyone. She'd lost a bit of her extremism in her old age, but she was still a good friend.

Geoff did notice over the days that his son was quite the lady-hunter. He wasn't sure that was good or not. Especially when the woman was older, like Sandi French!

Ayesha continued her regular work-outs and also began improving her handiness skills, all between scurrying around town looking for insects and fish!

Finally, they had enough money to buy two cars. Geoff loved his brightly-colour Vorn, and Ayesha chose a red SUV to jaunt around in.

Seems increased wealth brought out the bad side of Corrigan Bay, however. One night they were rudely awakened by their burglar alarm! The policewoman managed to nab the thief.

But as she chatted it up with Geoff, Ayesha decided the thief needed more than handcuffs. They needed a good pounding!

It was quite the cat fight! But Ayesha worked out regularly, and that burglar could tell!

The policewoman cheered Ayesha's win and Geoff hardly noticed. He wondered when the fram that stupid alarm would shut off!

The cop finally cuffed the perpetrator and hauled her away.

Having worked up an appetite, Geoff and Ayesha sat down to a midnight meal.

"Good job, hon," Geoff said between bites.

"Thanks, dear," Ayesha replied.

Yup. Married couples. Soooo good with dinner conversations.


Ayesha was becoming quite the fisherwoman now. She often snuck out early to catch the big ones in all her favourite fishing holes.

Kimball kept bringing girls home, including Becky Ramsey (he'd caught her name again at school when the teacher called on her.)

And this was another of his classmates whom he was showing some interest in, Carina Alto. Ayesha worried that he liked her only for her money.

Random shot of Ayesha coming home from a long day of fishing in her swanky red SUV.

When the time came to improve the house once again, Geoff and Ayesha decided to add a pool. Kimball was pretty excited about that!

They also fenced around the entire yard and added a nice little gate out back (hidden by a bush so it wasn't obvious in the yard). This gave them quick access to the park behind their house where there were often good insects to collect as well as wild trees to harvest.

Geoff was doing so well at the gem thing that Ayesha often found time to improve some other skills, like logic. Which was good, as her life's dream was to reach the top of the logic and athletic skills.

One day, while using the telescope, she spotted a meteor landing. Running downtown to find it, she found it was a HUGE meteorite! She was thrilled - and it brought in a lot of cash!


Now this young lady is Sonia Ursine, another classmate of Kimball's. Kimball thought she had the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen.

They'd often ride the bus home together and he and Sonia would work on school projects or hang out with each other.

Ayesha could see that Kimball might indeed be serious about Sonia - but being religiously athletic, she decided to give Sonia a bit of training. If there was one thing Ayesha was not going to stand for, it was a tubby wife for her son.

The results were great! The fashion, not so great.

But Sonia was now quite enthusiastic herself about exercise, and she loved hanging with the Knowles's.

Geoff watched his son and Sonia and wondered if this might not be the right one for Kimball. Finally.

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