Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knowles Legacy, Chapter One

This is the Founder - Geoff Knowles - slightly camera shy. A young adult with a mission: collecting stuff from around Corrigan Bay for a living. His traits are Brave, Charismatic, Party Animal, Neat, and Good Sense of Humour.

Geoff has been plopped down in the middle of Corrigan Bay. He's not looking too pleased with his lot...

...Because the house he WANTED was the house across the street. But with no money to speak of, really...

...this is what he gets. An empty lot that backs onto a pretty park just up the street from City Hall.

Geoff lives right next door to a guy named Chris Steel. So he jogs on over there to introduce himself to his new neighbour.

Geoff introduced himself to Chris and told him all about his plan to find space rocks and other stuff in town. At least Chris didn't laugh.

In fact, Chris told Geoff about some of the fishing holes he liked to visit in Corrigan Bay. Geoff found out Chris was an angler and thought he'd better remember to get some fishing tips from Chris soon.

Geoff's set-up wasn't much for now. He threw up a log room for the bathroom and arranged his furniture artfully around it.

But even at that, reading on the neighbour's back deck seemed more "homey" somehow. ;)

However, if Geoff ever wanted to build a real house, there was no time for reading. He consulted his maps and found out that one of the best places to gather gemstones was behind the Athletic Center. He ran right on over and scanned the area.

And scanned.

And scanned.

He made it to the top of the hill without finding a single rock of any sort. While he was disappointed about that, at least the view was spectacular from up here!

After a breather, Geoff ran down the other side of the hill and kept on searching. He began to wonder if the maps lied.

By 5:00pm, he'd ran all the way to the army base. Since he hadn't found a thing yet, he decided to go on the last tour of the day and get out of the heat.

It was interesting - and he got some good gossip, too!

Evening was settling in by the time he left the base. No more running today. This time, he caught a cab.

As he arrived home, he met an odd-looking man dressed all in black. Introduced himself as "Goth". Mumbled a lot. Kinda gave Geoff the creeps.

And he went on and on and on about his favourite colour (as if Geoff couldn't have guessed) while Geoff tried to be polite and hide the rumbling in his tummy.

Finally Mr. Goth drove away in his huge black limousine. Geoff quickly heated up a microwave meal and satisfied his hunger.

Then he tucked himself in and stared at the beautiful stars as he drifted off to sleep.

Dawn and the birds woke Geoff up early. But he was ready to try again with his search around town, so he quickly ate and showered. Then he headed toward the beach.
And what do you know? Finally a rock! In fact, a small space rock. So there was proof that treasures do exist in Corrigan Bay, after all!

Geoff is fairly charismatic, so he had fun meeting a few people at the beach. This girl tweaked his interest.

Until he found out she was a Slob and she found out he was a Neatnik.

So much for romantic possibilities there. Geoff went home thinking he maybe ought to find a wife soon. He could use some help in this quest.

Day 3 found Geoff back near the beach. He discovered cool butterfly on a grassy spot. He could donate that later to the Science organization in town!

Next, he found an un-cut ruby just lying around on the sidewalk!

Day 3 hadn't been too exciting, nor did it yield much else by the way of great finds, so Day 4 started out in the park behind his house - and that yielded a GREAT find!

Ayesha Ansari - exotic, beautiful, amazing eyes. Geoff was rather smitten at first contact.

Although he wasn't quite sure what her grumbling about the computer was for...

Being the Brave type, he came right out and asked her if she were single after only a few minutes of conversation.

She chuckled and admitted she was single - and looking.

Geoff liked the sound of that.

He suggested that they see a movie together sometime.

She seemed highly agreeable to that idea.

She seemed so open to his flirtatious jokes and other comments and questions that Geoff got brave again.

He waggled those big eyebrows of his and told her he'd found a great place to view the stars from - partly thinking about the hill he'd hiked up, and partly thinking about his bed.
"How 'bout I show you sometime?" he asked.

"Sure," she said with a flip of her hair and a shrug of her shoulder and a sultry, sexy voice.

And that would be where the brave part came in...

Geoff leaned in to give her a kiss (of all the brash things to do!) but Ayesha backed off quickly.

"Oh, hey, um, maybe not..."

"Not that.. not... yet," Ayesha stuttered.

Well. Geoff felt pretty embarrassed, lemme tell ya.

But as he jogged back home, he was very determined to continue what they'd started.

Deciding there was no use hanging on to all of his moving funds, Geoff finished off the log cabin for a temporary home while he built the big house he dreamt of. He kept just a few simoleons to pay bills and gem-cutting fees.

It wasn't much - although more than his first "bathroom-only" camp - but it was his and he liked his neighbourhood and Corrigan Bay and this entire adventure.

He went to bed warm and snug and dreamt of finding two lifetimes of wealth in the hills and valleys of Corrigan Bay.

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