Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knowles Legacy, Chapter Two

Geoff was managing to bring in some cash each day so far, so things were going fairly well. He collected anything he could find as he ran through town. Bugs brought in some cash with the Science Center, fruits and vegetables he found helped sustain him when he was out and about, and he was finding more gems and rocks each day.

His wanderings that first Friday took him far and wide. Seeds were plentiful, and even though he wasn't into planting them, they each brought him a few bucks when he sold them, so they were easy money.

Following the seed trail, he ran up a hill to an area the had a brick fence and a fancy gate. Where was he now?

Apparently, he was at the Corrigan Bay Cemetary! Geoff contemplated the ominous statue of The Grim Reaper, took in the fact that there was a pond to fish in here and a spooky-looking mausoleum, and wondered if he'd make his Lifetime Wish of getting 20 friends.

Random fellow.

Shrugging, he decided a little fishing might be a good diversion from collecting for a bit. But then another diversion walked into the cemetary - a pretty blonde!

Being as Geoff had just been thinking of that Lifetime Wish, he wandered over and introduced himself. "Agnes Crumplebottom", she replied in a low, sultry voice to his question about her name. For some reason, Geoff felt bashful when she smiled at him. Not his usual bold self today. Must be the surroundings.

They talked for quite a while. Geoff found out that Agness was a bookworm, a bit of a loner, and a hopeless romantic - not to mention rich. Something in those haunted eyes drew him. He asked if she were single.

Her eyes widened and she paused before she answered, "Yes". But what happened next was interesting - she started coming on strong! She flirted and alluded to kissing and all kinds of things!

She leaned in close and said in that low, sexy voice of hers, "I have a TV, you know."

Now Geoff, being without a TV at the moment and being the typical red-blooded pixel that he was, fairly well swooned at that point!

But just as suddenly as she'd come in, she left. Geoff shook his head as if coming out from a trance, and looked around. Wow! There was treasure to be had at the cemetary!

Back to work!

The open hole next to the gem he'd found was a bit unsettling, however. Good thing that Brave gene kicked in.

However, it kicked in so hard, Geoff decided a trip down to the catacombs would be a good detour - maybe there were riches untold down there that no one had found yet, after all. He really should investigate!

Unluckily for him, all he found was a bear. A big, bad, ugly, mean bear. Who mauled him. Big-time.

"Mebbe next time I should take a gun before I go down there," Geoff thought, eating an apple for some quick body-boosting sustenence!

Feeling refreshed by that apple, Geoff continued to explore the cemetary. He found an interesting plant with an interesting flower, and was watched by an interesting young girl.

Then he followed a seed trail up the nearby hill. He'd almost had it for the day, but that house at the top looked ominously interesting.

He scrambled his way up and found yet another fence and gate. He caught a glimpse of a woman across the other side of the yard. Curiosity - which killed the cat but had a tight grip on Geoff - drove him to run over and introduce himself.

Her name was Cornelia Goth, and he found out she was the wife of the man he'd met the other night. Equally as creepy as her husband, and equally as mysterious as Agnes Crumplebottom. But Geoff only talked with her for a few minutes before flagging a cab to take him home to bed.

The next night, he had Ayesha over and chatted some more. He'd just found out that she had a job in the Criminal Career of all things, when she turned to leave, giving The Controller the most hilarious upwards smirk as if to say, "Ha! Bet you didn't know that, did you!"

She hadn't known that. And she was quite surprised, to say the least!

The weekend came and Geoff sold all his goods and started building his house! He got as far as the foundation and a few walls up before he ran out of cash. Although he kept about §500 for expenses during the week, which was more than enough.

Undaunted by Ayesha's admission to being entrenched in a criminal lifestyle, Geoff called her over again. After all, sparks were flying big-time between the two of them, and he needed a partner-in-crime! Uh, so-to-speak...

He told her of his life, his collecting, the house he was building. She loved it all.

They kissed for the first time that night (Geoff had learned his lesson the first day he'd met her and had held off until he was sure she'd be agreeable...)

Then all flirting broke loose and Ayesha whispered her true feelings in his ear.

Geoff couldn't wait any longer. "Now, I know this is fast, but darling, just listen for a bit, I really think we should get married..."

Ayesha gasped in surprise, but she looked happy, and sooo...

...he went all out. Got down on one knee, made a big deal out of pulling out the box with the ring in it (which he'd secretly had made out of a diamond he'd found in anticipation of this day), professing his love, the whole nine yards.

Well, when Ayesha saw that ring, she just about fainted. It was the prettiest darn thing she'd ever seen, and the fact that it had been made out of a hand-picked diamond just thrilled her to death.

He slipped it on her finger, pleased with her reaction. She looked like she couldn't believe it was all happening, and he just knelt there and stared at her happily for a bit.

Until she pulled him up in typical Ayesha style and gave him an exuberant hug! She was a handful - but such a great handful.

He held her for a long time, basking in the fact that she said she'd be his.

The next day, they invited the few friends they had to meet them in the park and told them to dress formally.

Cornelia Goth had an interesting twist on "formal wear".

Chris Steel showed up, too, and they surprised everyone by getting married right there that day!

So typical of Ayesha, she wore a simple top and denim skirt. Geoff loved that about her - she was her own person, she didn't care about conventions. She'd need that quality to live with him and his crazy lifestyle!

"Ayesha, I love you. And if you promise to leave your criminal past, I promise to make you the richest woman in Corrigan Bay. Richer than the Altos or the Landgraabs or Agnes Crumplebottom!"

"Oh, I do!" Ayesha breathed.

Geoff excitedly slipped the wedding band onto her finger.

As Ayesha spoke to Geoff, Cornelia's husband ran in late and blocked the camera guy. Grrr.

A wedding in the park attracts everyone who is in the area, so they ended up with quite a crowd attending as they kissed each other to seal the deal.

Agnes Crumplebottom made it, although she looked a little sad about the turn of events. Nick Alto was there, crying his eyes out like a baby. Geoff wasn't sure if it was because he liked weddings or if it was because he'd sworn to become richer than him.
Chris Steel was very happy for his neighbour and friend. Even he shed a few tears of joy for Geoff and Ayesha.

They hung out in the park until evening and then cuddled on the bench overlooking the pond where Chris had told them there were some good fish to be had.

They made plans for their new life together, smooching and cooing until they couldn't stand it anymore and grabbed a cab for home.

"I promise we won't be in this cabin much longer," Geoff told his new wife. But the look in her eyes told him she didn't care where they were right now, as long as there was a bed available.

It was a night of love, a night of passion, a night of... oh, never mind.

Suffice it to say, their new life together started out very well. ;)

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