Friday, November 26, 2010

Marcus LeBoeuf and his Home

I made this home for a Small Spaces Challenge at Living Sims. Then their poor forum when KA-POW and the challenge was left behind. But that's OK - I had a blast doing it regardless!

Here's the file at 4shared, and here are some pictures:

It's situated by one of the fishing ponds in Sunset Valley:

Marcus LeBeouf lives here. He's just moved into this house after a year of clearing out the larger home he and his wife shared for 50 years. She passed away just over a year ago now and he knew it was time to down-size since he's getting older. He was a chef in his glory days - and you can tell he enjoyed his cooking!

His favourite colour is green, so this house really hit him when he saw it. It has a rather small living room but it feels bigger since it's open to the entire top-floor living area - and the vaulted ceiling and high windows give the room lots more breathing space.

Now, Marcus isn't that great of a decorator. All he knows is he likes green. It doesn't really bother him that there are several different tones of green in the house. He sort of sees things compartmentally. In other words, the green rug at the front door is separate in his eyes to the green rug in the living room, which is separate again to the green rug in the kitchen. See?

He still has his morning and evening tea with the tea set that was his wife's favourite - they got it from their best man at their wedding oh-so-long ago.

In any case, the kitchen isn't nearly as big as he used to cook in at work, nor is it as big as their old home's, but it does a bachelor just fine. Of course, he's also kept his top-notch knife set and Blend-o-Matic - you just can't be a good cook without good tools!

The basement houses his bedroom, main bathroom, and an all-purpose work room. Marcus always liked to tinker with wood bits and iron scraps, so he moved his old workbench in here to keep up his hobby. Of course, the laundry machines are right there, too, handy to the bedroom.

His bedroom, while pretty plain, is serviceable enough for "an old guy", as he calls himself.

The main bathroom is right off his bedroom (although there's another 3-piece bath upstairs, something Marcus marvelled at when he bought the house - 2 baths and only one bedroom!?!). It had a neat kind of tile in it, so Marcus got his creative juices flowing and found some throw rugs and towels to match the red in the tile. Thankfully, this time he found a sort of "bathroom starter set" at Simmart that had everything he needed, so they actually do match!

Overhead shots

Main Floor:


Enjoy Marcus!

A Wee Gifty

Since the holiday season is upon us, and since I love desktop wallpapers, and since I wanted to learn some stuff with Photoshop tonight, I made you this.

Click on it to see a bigger preview size. However, do note that the size of the actual background is for a 1920x1200 desktop - and believe me, it will look nicer in a larger size. LOL I'm not sure how it might work on a smaller desktop size. Try this one and let me know if you want a change. I could be persuaded with cookies, I'm pretty sure.. ;) And if those don't work, and nice bottle of unoaked Merlot would most likely seal the deal. ;)

Download the file here from 4shared (395kb)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An update

My game seems to be fixed. It's lagging badly though, and all I was doing last night was building. Hmm. I ran across something the other day that talked about lagging and glitching and the trouble being a stuck vehicle in the town. There was a little program thing-a-ma-do-bob to fix it... I'm going to have to see if I can find that again. I'm wondering if that's my trouble being as before last night, it wasn't nearly as laggy as that.

I also got rid of more freakin' trojans by downloading Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and doing another Spybot S&D sweep. And, despite the dread of doing it because it's my main browser and highly set up, I think I may have to uninstall and reinstall Firefox. :( It will often not start at all, although it's running in the background when you check in the task manager. Dag nab it. Silly computers. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thou dost not defeat me! (Yet...)

Join us now for the continuing stoooorrrry of WebbyMom and her computer and her [dad-blasted] Sims 3 game...

 Attempting to install Ambitions was proving fruitless to the hapless WebbyMom. At the same time, while Late Night ran, the launcher always said "An error occurred and the launcher is now quitting" as soon as she hit the play button, despite the fact that thereafter, the game launched just fine.

In an intelligent guess-timate (and a desperation that fuels all serious gaming addictions), Webby then attempted to install World Adventures next.

Wonder of wonders, it worked! The Webby squiggled with joy in her seat as it installed, and again when it ran in her Late Night town with seemingly no problems.

Giddy with happiness and hoping this would solve all troubles with Ambitions, she tried again to install it from the EADM.

Nothing. Notta. Zilch. Still "erroring out", if you pardon my coining a phrase.

Despite spending a minimum of 1 hour on the official tech forum and/or EA support set-ups and not finding any love for her troubles, Webby decides that, since others have hinted to an EADM update crisis and seemingly connected launcher glitches, she would uninstall EADM and reinstall it from the most recent link to it online.

The only trouble with that is, of course, that now the EADM has forgotten that Amibtions was previously downloaded - and The Webby is stuck waiting for it to download once again before further testing can be done. During which time she has coloured her hair, had a shower, loaded and started the dishwasher and played a level of Ranch Rush.

Oh - and penned this tome. ;)

And still, we are at a mere 70% of being done, so now our heroine must find something else to occupy her time (other than downloading yet more CC crap) whilst it completes it's task.

Oh, Horatio - if I hadst only known the heartaches that did befall me ere I bought this franchise, I wouldst have run far, far into the forest, never to return. sigh

Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, I don't know about you... but if this teen boy were my teen boy, I'd be grounding him but good for this behaviour:

The poor little boy's sis was rooting for him, but looks like Punkhead won. My question is, why is she smiling at Punkhead???  Shameful, really, just shameful.

In other news - I finally got Late Night installed and running (long story, don't ask, I might cry all over again), and do you know what we get?? Do you? No, not vampires, not nightclubs, not celebrities, not pianos... we get...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


Yup, pigeons. Jes' a walkin' 'n' bobbin' thar little hay-ahds all over that thar place! Ain't that purdy??

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Interesting Chair Choice

So here I am, playing along the other day, when suddenly oddness hits, as it is wont to do in this game.

I had a sim whom I was not cheating with, money-wise. She only has a part-time job while she struggles to earn a living writing. She was at the park one day when someone generously left out some food, so she grabbed a plate and ..... walked over to the biffy to sit on the loo and eat it. LOL

It was too odd NOT to snap a pic. *giggle* I've never seen a sim do this before, at a park or at home. Didn't even know it was possible. And no, I don't have any mods installed, this is base-game only at this point. LOL

At least she picked the relatively clean bathroom to eat in. *rolls eyes, shudders*