Sunday, December 12, 2010

Before and After - 120 Wright Way, Part 3

Today I've finished decorating the bedroom and bathroom as well as done a bit of landscaping - in the courtyard and front, mostly.And so that means more pictures!

Street view now - with more suitable plantage. ;)
I fancied up the gateway, added some flowers and other foliage to the street side.

Now, the inner courtyard got a good work-over. There has to be a bench, of course, for those days you just want to sit and listen to the fountain bubbling. I added tons of flowers in a colour scheme that would complement the sort of "tropical" feel to this home. And a few fun things to look at - three suns on the back wall, a birdbath, an oddly-shaped carving, and even an old ship's steering wheel.

View from the gateway to the front door

View from the garage wall
View from the bench
And the back corner - door leads into garage and laundry
Now an overview of the bedroom wing so you can see the context of the rooms in the layout.

I'm liking the warm tones in this home, but I'm also enjoying punching up each room with shots of colour. Cora's bedroom brings in some Mediterranean-like blues and turquoises, and includes a treadmill (which would never get used it this were really me... LOL)

Just a quick exit to the raised sundeck, too!

And finally, the home's one bathroom. I plunked down the fixtures and didn't even CAS them - I decided instead that the coolness in the colours would serve as my palette for the room!

I think I've lost inspiration for the last two rooms, which are supposed to be bedrooms. However, Cora has literally just moved in and hasn't met any potential mates yet, let alone had time to think about kids!

I'm beginning to think that this should be the Cora I "plop down and play", since I'm liking the house so much. ;) Perhaps she'll manage to meet someone and get close enough to him to have a real date for New Year's, eh?

So if that's the case, I may leave those two "spare" rooms until I see if Cora wants kids or not. I'll finish up the sundeck (had to re-download my Sun, Surf and Sand set, I was missing it since my last install!) and then call it a day for home decorating. Get her working on her LTW - becoming an author - and take her through the Christmas season in the lovely and warm Summer Hills. Hmmm... a Christmas without snow. That would be a first for me. Um, I mean, Cora. *giggle*


  1. I love, love, love the courtyard in this one!

  2. Thanks, luvvy! It was a courtyard I went hunting for in the house plans, actually. The whole fountain thing really got me inspired. :D

  3. Beautiful makeover. I second the love for the courtyard

  4. Thirded! I want to sit in the courtyard and listen to the fountain bubble. :) Love all the blues in the bedroom and bathroom! And I forgot to mention it before but I love the wood tones you're using, too. It's all just very inviting and pleasing to the eye. Cora's a lucky Sim. :) I like your idea of waiting to decorate the rest after you see if Cora wants kids or not...might as well leave your options open!

  5. Thanks, RD and Jenba!

    Jen, that wood tone is my fave in-game one and I tend to use it a lot. Often I'll re-colour the pattern, but this time I just left it as-is. :D Glad you like it.

    I'm starting to think I need to move Cora and her house to my Greater Los Aniegos world, I think the home would fit there - but the lot is so weird it could be very, very trick to try to place! LOL