Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cora in L.A. - Part Six

If you'll remember, when we left Cora last she'd had a rather "close encounter" with a good-looking, suit-wearing, charm-the-pants-off-you massaging butler, and poor Gary was having a hard time making it into the house without ending up in a pool of darkness (i.e., the game crashing to the desktop). So while Cora fretted over the state of her life and emotions in the bathtub, The Controller went around behind the scenes and fixed up that little cosmic mistake she'd made (although when asked in public, she won't admit to ever making mistakes! Of any kind! EVER!).

I do suppose it's high time we find out where these two (um... three?) are headed.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Project - Radford Island

I know, I know - where the fram is Cora and Gary??? They're coming, I promise. I got pics and everything! I swear! But you know how it is when you're brain is dead from too much WordPress/HTML/CSS code and you can't come up with more story? Well, that's how I am right now.

So today, you get pictures of my latest builds and a peek at my latest project in The Sims.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cora in L.A. - Part Five

As we left Cora, she'd had a mild mental breakdown and had decided she could give a random client at the Wiltshire Beauty Salon, home of the famous fashionista Hilary Bumgarner, a makeover. I suppose we had better see what happened next.

Cora in L.A. - Part Four

And now for the fourth chapter in this saga, wherein Cora becomes a complete re-do and then has a small moment of insanity...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cora in L.A. - Part Three

In previous installments, Cora has been seen authoring books in the dining room in her intimates, the butler didn't do laundry, a maid was fired and then re-hired, and Gary was feeling pretty framming comfortable with his snazzy new home and life with Cora. I think it's time we dug a little bit deeper into the lives of these three L.A. residents, don't you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cora in L.A. - Part Two

Shall we continue with Cora's escapades?? (You know what this story-telling will do, don't you? It will make me want to play Cora again and keep writing. *giggle*)

Cora in L.A.

This is a bit of a random story about my Simself who is, in many ways, my alter-ego. ;) Her name is Cora Dixon and I moved her into a home I first built in Sunset Valley. However, the home seemed like it would fit well into Los Aniegos, and sure enough, I found the perfect lot for it! Cora happily agreed to The Controller's idea of moving to sunny L.A., so plop her down I did.