Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cora in L.A. - Part Four

And now for the fourth chapter in this saga, wherein Cora becomes a complete re-do and then has a small moment of insanity...

Cora woke bright and early one morning to get a head start on finishing her romance novel. She found Ellis already in the kitchen, as usual, preparing breakfast - delicious-smelling Cinnamon Apple Pancakes. She took a moment to admire how deftly he flipped the pancakes before looking down at her dress to flick off a fluff...

And that's when she also found, to her horror, that since The Controller had so wisely decided to delete un-named files all namby-pamby like, that her nice burgandy outfit was now a horrid thing in purple! How embarrassing! (For both of us!)

And where was Gary, you ask? Well, he was sleeping in - I suppose that goes along with being a Couch Potato, because we all know his job ain't that demanding - and dreaming of their up-coming wedding.

Cora woke him up by rummaging through her drawers for something more suitable to wear. I turned away for a moment and I'm really not sure what was said before this picture, but sometimes I worry about the expressions on Gary's face. He either said something raunchy to Cora and was feeling pleased with himself, or he was feeling smug about something else...

I don't know. I worry about that man.

However, he was nothing but caring and involved as they ate their pancakes, asking all kinds of questions about how Cora's book was going and making plans with her for later and complimenting her choice of outfit, yadda yadda.

Ellis had quietly disappeared in that ninja-like butler way he had so that they could enjoy breakfast together. For some inexplicable reason, after I'd insisted Cora put down her dish and let Ellis wash it up, she took off at an all-out run for the TV room where Ellis had retired to. (???)

There was an awkward moment of silence since Ellis was rather taken aback at her abrupt entrance and Cora had no idea why she'd had the sudden urge to see him.

Gary, wondering why his fiancé had run out so quickly and where she'd gone to, followed hot on her heels. Ellis stood awkwardly as Gary entered the room, not liking the slightly suspicious look on his employer's face.

However, Cora seemed to come to her senses and covered up pretty quickly. "Now, don't be hogging Gary's TV, Ellis - you know how much he likes to watch the morning news before he hits the paper route." She giggled nervously and Ellis joined her cover-up, laughingly agreeing and saying it was really time for him to be cleaning the dishes now, anyway.

Whether Gary was acting on his suspicions or just feeling raunchy that morning (he's so hard to read sometimes!), he proceeded to flirt with Cora (all of his own accord, I might add). Cora loved it when he flirted like that, and she lapped it up. Satisfied that his place in the household was safe, Gary kissed her and went off to work.

I think it was that Great Kiss that left Cora feeling a little stir-crazy. She just had to get out of the house! And besides - it was high time she started preparing for the wedding! Book be frammed - she left all thoughts of writing behind and drove down to the Wiltshire Beauty Salon for some wedding fashion advice.

She'd heard good things about this place - and judging by the number of people milling about, she'd heard right. For none other than Hilary Bumgarner (yes, Bumgarner - I kid you not), world-renowned fashionista, ran this place. All the stars came here, and since Cora still had a nice sum of money in her account, she figured it would be OK to hire Hilary for her wedding trousseau shopping.

Hilary told Cora to meet her in the last station and started talking right away about haircuts. Cora was not too keen on the haircut idea. She instantly sensed she'd have to be firm with this woman. (And oh, look! A gnome! In case you didn't know, Coasterboi left gnomes all over Los Aniegos as a sort of fun sub-game to see if you can find them! LOL)

"Uh, OK, so how does this work?" Cora asked, suddenly unsure of herself with that full-length mirror in front of her.

"Just stand there, dahling, and I vill take a look. Don't vorry about a ting," Hilary said with a heavy accent that Cora couldn't place.

"Now, you see, dis vonderful station vill take aaaaall your measurements, dahling, and den ve vill use doze to be making you a vonderful vedding dress!"

"Really? Wow!" Cora was impressed with this thing! Crazy-wild technology!

"Ok, dare you have it, dahling, zee measurements are tellink me dat you should have a haircut to trim down your butt."

"Uh, what? You know, I'm really not wanting a hair cut, I like my hair just fine, it's the clothes I'm wanting today, really..." Besides, she thought, what the fram does a haircut do for my butt???

"The hair, the hair," Hilary insisted, pointing at her own as if to explain to a very young child - or someone who was horribly dull about fashion. "Eet's all about zee hair, dahling."

"Um, no, eet's not all about zee hair, dahling," Cora said, starting to get a wee bit pee'd off with this woman. "I am not getting a haircut today!"

"Besides," Cora murmured as she turned to examine the part of her body in question, "I just don't get what a haircut would do to change this... and it isn't that bad, is it???"

Hilary sighed a dramatic sigh. "Oh fine, perhaps ve could just do a style of some sort." She seemed put out, and stared pointedly at Cora's butt.

Cora looked down further. Really, this woman was crazy. Her butt was not that bad. She'd seen worse, that's for sure!

"Yes, yes," Hilary was affirming. "Ve'll just do a new style on zee big day, dat's it. OK, dahling, ve should get on to the clothes, no?"

"Yes, please," Cora sighed in relief - although she was beginning to feel a bit paranoid about her butt size now!

In two jiffies, Hilary had finished her "magic". "Perfect!" she clapped. "Oh dahling, you vill be de envy of all de stars! Dey would die to wear dis on dare wedding day! (Aldough I still tink you should cut zee hair, dahling.)"

Cora wanted to be pleased, she really did. After all, Hilary Bumgarner, world-renowned fashionista, had just given her a makeover. But all she could do was stand there with a frozen, fake smile on her face.

As she stood there all statue-like, many, many, many thoughts were running through her head - not all of them nice ones.

"I... it's... well, I... uh... oh, um... gee..."

She had NO idea what to say to Hilary Bumgarner at all. She just knew that if she let herself say something, she risked offending one of the city's most influential people - and she couldn't do that if she ever wanted to sell any books here, or wanted Gary to ever actually make it as a reporter! Hilary talked to anyone who was anyone in Los Aniegos - Cora couldn't mess up now, despite the feeling in the pit of her stomach that made her want to puke just looking at this supposed "wedding dress".

So she pulled some random words out of that author's brain of hers and totally - and I mean totally - faked it.

"Great! Um, yeah. Great. Thanks, Hilary. This will do nicely. Thanks again. Yeah." She got off of that flipping stand as fast as decorum would allow!

Hilary seemed satisfied with the reaction, thank The Controller!

It was at this point that I wondered what Gary was up to. I swung over to see him for a couple of seconds. He'd just finished work and had arrived home, so he checked the mail and paid some bills on the way into the house. I was thankful to see that Consuela Martinez was back at work - the skinny maid must have been a temp - so at least there would be no complications on that side of things. The Butler was enough complication for one Controller! *slaps forehead*

When I swung back to the Wiltshire, guess what Cora was doing? She was now giving a make-over to Mr. I-Ripped-My-Pants-To-Look-Cool dude! What the heck! Had she totally flipped her wig? Had she been that upset with Hilary's makeover that she temporarily lost sanity and decided to make it right by making over someone else???

Whatever it was, she certainly had the moves copied perfectly. Good grief. What is a Controller to do with a Sim like this, huh???


Well, that was quite a lot of make-over pic spam, but I've never taken a close look at sims getting made over, so I found the expressions hilarious!! And it seemed to go well with their crazy lives, that whole wedding prep thing. LOL

Stay tuned for Cora's turn at fashionista!


  1. Haha! Webby, you're fantastic. I love your story-telling. And that salon is so great! I wish I had ambitions now. And WA. Haha.

  2. Sounds like Cora is having second thoughts on Gary! That last pic where she is posing just made me giggle lol!She's got one heck of a personality ;) Lovely chapter Webby,Thanks!:)

  3. Princess, Ambitions certainly did open some possibilities up. I've tried the stylist career but I'd never just taken a sim downtown to have a makeover. Cora was my guinea pig. *evil Controller laugh* It turned out suitably horrible for the story! ROTFLOL!

    Amanda - Cora does seem to be a bit on-again, off-again, doesn't she? LOL Well, let me tell you - the NEXT chapter should be veeeery interesting. ;)

  4. Awesome pics of Cora at the salon -- I love those expressions, too. Hilary Bumgarner's taste in fashion is...questionable, to say the least, but I love the dress you had Cora in before the makeover! And there's another chapter...huzzah! *runs off again*

  5. LOL great chapter! all about zee hair hahahaha! love the facial expressions! gonna read 5th!