Friday, January 21, 2011

Cora in L.A. - Part Three

In previous installments, Cora has been seen authoring books in the dining room in her intimates, the butler didn't do laundry, a maid was fired and then re-hired, and Gary was feeling pretty framming comfortable with his snazzy new home and life with Cora. I think it's time we dug a little bit deeper into the lives of these three L.A. residents, don't you?


Gary was off to his first day on the job at the Los Aniegos Daily Knews as a Newsboy. Cora was a tad worried - I mean, a Newsboy??? What kind of money would Gary ever contribute to the household income as a Newsboy? But Gary had insisted it was a typical, mandatory, entry-level job and that when they saw his talent with a word processor, he'd soon be out on the streets digging up dirt on all the stars in Los Aniegos.

It was true that Gary had been practicing his writing skills since moving in. And after all, this was the man who was going to be a true Renaissance Sim one day! How could she doubt him?? So Cora tried to put it all into the back of her mind and decided a nice, quiet soak in the hot tub was in order.

As she let herself down into the hot water, she caught a whiff of something. "Yuck! Sometimes the air quality in L.A. is horrid! Man, I wonder what that is?? And - where the fram did my roof go???"

But as soon as she sat down, she was standing up again, missing roof completely forgotten. "*gasp* Oh my gosh! Help! What the heck??? Ewwwwww, putrid!"

Turns out it wasn't the L.A. air - it was the water in the hot tub! Something had gone horribly wrong and the whole thing stank and the water turned green!

Cora stood beside the tub groaning and exclaiming for awhile, wondering what could have gone wrong and how much it would cost to fix it. She wasn't too worried about money yet - The Controller had left a nice sum in her bank account - but the bills kept coming and she wasn't yet pulling in much with her writing. And now with Gary's puny little go-nowhere job that certainly wasn't going to be much help...

Then, in the midst of her worrying and fretting, who should appear but the butler, wrench in hand and a cheery grin on his face.

"I say, looks to me as if the gazinga broke on the flutenanny which made the hoppenstop filter go all catawumpus. Happens far too often on these Concordia hot tubs - a "fatal flaw", if you will. Never fear, I've had lots of experience with these things - pretty much everyone I've ever worked for in L.A. has had one!"

And he got down on his hands and knees in that nice tux of his and fixed the framming thing.

Cora was highly impressed. They had a fridge full of amazing food, sparkling counters, a gleaming bathroom, and now she finds out Ellis was incredibly handy as well as a good cook and cleaner!

And yes, I knew you'd catch that, you smarty you. For in her mind, he'd just now become "Ellis" and not "The Butler".

In fact, Ellis was fitting in very nicely, almost like part of the family. That night after Gary got home from work, they all watched the Llama's game in the TV room together. Ellis was quite funny and Cora found that it was fun getting to know him better on a more casual basis like this.

During their conversation that night, Gary and Cora learned that Ellis Ho had been adopted by an older couple in Shang Simla and raised in a very strict household. His adoptive father insisted on perfection in everything Ellis did and his adoptive mother had taught him that "cleanliness was next to godliness". As a result, Ellis was very disciplined, very neat, and very particular - which explained why he took so many baths and cooked and cleaned so well. Although it didn't explain why he hadn't touched the laundry as yet...

He excused himself to go "rustle up some grub" for their dinner. You might think this is "just" macaroni and cheese, but Ellis never does anything by halves. This was the most fabulous macaroni and cheese Gary and Cora had ever tasted. Gary could hardly stop raving about it between bites!

The next night, trouble struck for a second time. A robber decided that nice courtyard must mean there was even nicer stuff inside that he could nab. He was right, there was nice stuff inside.

BUT - - -

Due to The Controller having heard from another god-like being she often met with that it was a good idea to put the alarm outside the house near a gate so as to act like a motion detector, this robber got more than he'd bargained for and was stopped in the courtyard! HA! Smart Controller for having acted so quickly on such good advice! Go me!

Of course, the alarm woke the three in the house and they all rushed out. Ellis was the first to arrive - fully dressed, of course - and he was livid. How dare this perp try these shenanigans on HIS employers' territory! He took the crook on immediately!


Chet the policeman arrived just after Ellis had finished up with the bandit.

"I'm thinking poison! That's what you should give this guy! Poison! Forget handcuffs, let's just make sure he doesn't do this again!" (Wow - a little protective, or what???)

Instead, Chet decided he'd better have at the robber as well. You know, which is kinda cheating, since Ellis had already tuckered the guy out...

But I guess Chet felt like it made him look good. *rolls eyes*

Now, this picture really says something, don't you think? Gary, oblivious to everything but the annoying sound of the alarm, and Cora standing there all worried that Ellis may have hurt himself in the scuffle, as well as feeling duly impressed with his bravery. Innnnn-teresting. (I'm thinking it may be time for The Controller to insist Cora find something a bit more modest to wear to bed if she is going to keep parading around like this!)

This time Gary went back to bed and Cora stayed up to chat with Chet.

"Are you serious?! I'd love to come to the wedding! Wow, gosh, that's such an honour, I mean, me catching thieves at your house twice now and all, I'm so happy you'd invite me, it's like we're family or something!

Cora just tried not to mention the fact that this cop had had one too many donuts and really, really needed a toothbrush! Gads, what bad breath!

The next morning, Ellis noted with a private smile that Cora had remembered to get dressed - which was a shame, since her little teddy was so cute on her. Gary was a lucky son-of-a-llama, that's for sure.

Gary had been up early catching the news on the TV. He liked TV, being a Couch Potato. Liked it a lot. Watched it a lot. And this morning, he was watching in his undies!

And so it wasn't Cora Ellis had to avoid looking at that morning - it was Gary!

"What is with these people and their undies???" Ellis groaned to himself as Gary hailed him to have a chat.

I suppose for a man who dressed in either a tux or a full, top-and-bottom set of flannel PJ's, the whole "roam the house in your under things" was a bit much for the guy. But he managed to get through Gary's friendly little chat fairly unscathed and with his typical butler aplomb. He was ever so grateful to grab the dishes and wash them up when Gary finally gave him a happy clap on the shoulders and told him he was off to work!


And that's all the pictures I have for now, so this is a shorter chapter. I'll most likely have another out by the end of the weekend, however, because I'm having such sadistic fun with my Simself and Gary and Ellis! LOL The way these guys are going, I'm beginning to believe that poor Cora must be in for a shocker of some sort sooner or later!

Then again - maybe it's Gary who'll be in for the shocker. ;)


  1. Awesome chapterm keep em coming :)

  2. I love the word "aplomb" so much! It's one of my favorites. :)

    Also, I think Ellis and the maid should totes hook up. >.> That'd get the pesky interest out of the way. XD

    (Totally kidding about that. XD)

    Love it!

  3. LOL If I could control Ellis, that might work! But he's a total NCP, so fitting him into the story is sometimes tricky. :D

    Glad you liked, Kem! It's now officially my Friday night, so I'm gonna open the game and see where these three go for me so's I can writes more. ;)

  4. oh pls do, its like watching a really good movie and then the commercials come on and you have no remote to fast forward! ARGH! lol

  5. You had me at Catawumpus! LOL!'m just joking ..but this was good chapter as with the rest...I can't wait to see the next chapter Webby! :)

  6. LOl Glad you're enjoying it, Amanda! I have a bit of an issue - Gary may need to be reset, I'm not sure... The game closes as soon as he hits one particular square of sidewalk as he arrives home. :P I'm really hoping I can fix it. I may have to export the home and make a new Los Aniegos for it, I'm not sure.

  7. Oh crap! Well I hope it's not to much of an issue so that you can get it fixed!

  8. Oh, I hate it when the gazinga breaks on the flutenanny! (That whole sentence of Ellis's made me laugh out loud.) Another charming update, WebbyMom -- I hope your game isn't all catawampus now. :( I see you've updated again, to read!