Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cora in L.A. - Part Two

Shall we continue with Cora's escapades?? (You know what this story-telling will do, don't you? It will make me want to play Cora again and keep writing. *giggle*)

The next day, Cora and Gary tried out the hot tub on the raised deck with the view of Los Aniegos.

"Ahhhh, this is the life," sighed Cora, ever grateful for The Controller's suggestion to move to L.A.

"You'd better believe it," responded Gary as he let out his breath and sunk deeper into the foam. He was feeling pretty proud of himself. Nabbed a job as a reporter, a great place to live, and the cutie across from him, to boot, all in the space of a mere three days! (He was a little high on his horse - The Controller had much more to do with all that than he gave her credit for!!!  Hummmph!)

"Do you think you could massage my feet, sweetie?" Cora asked.

"Why, sure, honey." Gary was nothing if not obliging.

"There, now," Gary said as he finished up with not just one, but two foot massages, "how's that feeling?"

"Heavenly. Thank you." Cora was beginning to get the idea that this guy might be a keeper.

Then he made her laugh as his own foot popped out of the water. "You know, I think you'd better have a look at this foot. It's feeling really, really left out. I'd hate to have to go to the doctor for FSD - Foot Sadness Disease. Maybe even a massage would help."

Massages and soaking over, Cora whipped up a little sumpin'-sumpin' for a late lunch and they sat down at the eating bar to dig in. Conversation came so easily for them and everything felt - so - right.

Gary kept talking about the house - how much he liked the view from here, the layout, the colours, the owner... Yeah, he was laying it on thick and Cora soaked it up like a dry sponge.

"No, no, no, you cooked, I'll clean," Gary insisted after they were done their meal. Cora stood staring in shock and disbelief. A man who cleaned?

Even as she mechanically moved to put away the leftovers while her own eyes proved to her that, yes, his hands were in the dish water, she could hardly believe it. Gary did dishes??? Happily?

"Thanks, sweetheart, that was an amazing lunch. Just right after a day of writing and hanging out with you."

He gave her a big ol' smooch on the lips and then cupped her head and nuzzled her nose. "OK!" he exclaimed. "I'm tuckered. I'm off for a nap."

Cora was too twitterpated to question the nap idea. She got dressed and snuck out of the room to his gentle snoring and tried to continue with the next chapter in her book. But words eluded her. All she could think of was how framming perfect Gary seemed to be - and just what she should do next, considering his perfection.

And she was also wondering if The Controller had anything to do with getting this particularly wonderful man into her life. (Which I really didn't, but I will always take credit when given to me. What she don't know won't hurt her, right?)

By the time Gary shuffled into the kitchen in his PJ's an hour later, Cora could hardly contain herself. She fell to her knees, like a complete idiot, and blurted out - like a complete idiot - "Gary, I think I love you! Will you marry me??"

(Controller's Note: To this day, Cora has no idea where the fram that ring came from. It was like it just appeared right when she needed it. But you can't blame me - what was I to do, her blubbering on like a complete idiot like that? I had to help her save face when she blindly reached into her back pocket for a ring that hadn't previously existed! For fram's sake!!!!)

As you can see, Gary was caught completely off his guard. However, after the first few seconds of total and utter shock, he recovered enough to say, "Wow! Like, YES!" And the rest, as they say, is history.

(Actually, it's not history - it hasn't been written yet! Duh! *face smack*)

Now, for those of you who just have to know (*ahem* Fashionista *cough cough*), Gary had thus far been the perfect gentleman. Yes, there was only one bed in the house, but he'd kept to his side and hadn't made any advances. None. Notta. Nil. He'd had a few cold showers in the last two days, yes, but not one advance. And I'll vouch for that as The Controller if you don't believe him.

However - things were changing fast now that Cora had proposed. He was all moochy-moochy over dinner (and I don't mean he was mooching food off Cora's plate!) and smoochy-smoochy during dishes and clean-up, and THEN - then he wiggled his eyebrows at Cora and ran toward the deck, shedding pieces of clothing as he went! "Last one in has to strip naked!" he yelled back just before Cora saw his bare behind disappear under the water.

Ach. She was game. ;)

He'd been soaking with his eyes shut as she'd hopped into the tub. "Are your clothes still on??" he teased, refusing to opening his eyes.

"No, silly!" Cora giggled. He was such a hoot!

"Hmmm, let me see if I can find you..." Gary playfully splashed around in - and under - the water, pretending to look for Cora. She shrieked with laughter.

But he got pretty serious a moment later. "Hey, beautiful," he murmured.

And that's really all he needed to say.

Aaaaaaand that's where we shut the bedroom door. After all, this is my Simself we're talking about. *blush*

A day or two later, Gary decided a maid was not enough for his sweetie-pie. They also needed a butler. So he phoned up to hire one. Too bad he was so good looking!

Fram! He hadn't counted on that, had he? Just the kind of guy Cora usually goes for - tall, dark, handsome, and in a TUX, no less! *slaps forehead*

And never mind dishes - - - this guy could cook! With one hand!!!!

"Yeah, right," you might be saying. "Cooking with one hand. What the framming-framming-fram-fram can a guy cook with only one hand, Webby? Yer puttin' us on!"

I kid you not.

Gary looked just a bit smug - although he hid it well - as Cora stared. A Perfect Key Lime Pie. Yummmm.

Well, after that is was just... Oh. I guess we're going somewhere. Where the fram are they going???

Well, I'm not sure whe---- Oh for fram's sake, they're coming home???

Well, of all the nerve! To just go out and come back like that when I'm trying to tell a story! I tell you, I've HAD it with these Sims and their stupid Free Will! They're always messing things up like that! What in the fram do they think they're DOING, anyway? Just running around like the idiots they are, with their AI crap and their little framming green plumbobs...

Wait.. *ahem* Um, sorry, but Cora's getting the mail now. OH! Another book was sold and she's on her way up her career ladder! Yaaaaaaaay! Wahoooooo! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *massive cheering from The Controller*

OK. *cough cough* Well, then. Back to the story.

Gary had fired the first maid because they had a live-in butler now (made up a bedroom for him and everything!) and so they wouldn't really need the TWO bills, now, would they?

But apparently, their butler didn't do laundry. Who knew?? So Cora and Gary talked one night, and Cora phoned up the L.A. "Maid in the U.S.A" branch to hire another one. But she immediately regretted it.

I mean, she was cute, no? Little mole under her nose, full lips, skinny. Frammit, maybe this hadn't been such a good idea.

Then again, the poor butler had to be on his toes and make sure he turned his head politely (albeit with that knowing look in his eyes!) when he found Cora typing away under inspiration in the wee hours of the morning - in her slinky, sexy nightwear!

(Poor Cora. She's really rather oblivious, you know??? *sigh*  Much like her Creator, I'm afraid...)

And so that's where we're leaving Cora and Gary and their employees tonight. All cute (if I do say so myself), all in one house - at least some of the time - and all with that flipping Sims Artificial Intelligence that makes butlers prepare food at midnight while his employers are sleeping and that makes maids forget there is laundry in the house that needs washing with those PERFECTLY GOOD APPLIANCES IN THE GARAGE, YOU NUT-CASE!


But I digress.

I do hope you'll join me for the further adventures of Cora In L.A. ;)


  1. Just as good as the first chapter! Hilarious! I am looking forward to what comes next.....

  2. I agree with Sam, just as good! And hey...I'm a teenage girl, we have dirty minds sometimes ;) But I knew they would get it on... even if you closed the door *wink*

  3. Loving this story WebbyMom :) Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Another very enjoyable update, WebbyMom! Although Gary seems a little too good to be true! Heehee. Sounds like you're having a blast with Cora...hope you continue to have fun!

  5. Glad you're all enjoying it! I'm have a ton of fun writing it!

    Jenba wrote: "Although Gary seems a little too good to be true!"

    He does, doesn't he? I'm thinking I may need to find/create/reveal a fatal flaw... LOL

  6. Hilarious story WM! love ittt, can't wait for more of Cora's and Gary's adventures. The butler worries me :D

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