Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Project - Radford Island

I know, I know - where the fram is Cora and Gary??? They're coming, I promise. I got pics and everything! I swear! But you know how it is when you're brain is dead from too much WordPress/HTML/CSS code and you can't come up with more story? Well, that's how I am right now.

So today, you get pictures of my latest builds and a peek at my latest project in The Sims.

A couple of my simming buddies have recently begun expansive projects making over Riverview in their games. I was quite inspired (to say the least) and began to itch to do my own makeover of some sort.

So I chose Saskan Harbour to soothe the hankering that had been stirring in my ... um ... brain. Yeah. Brain. I hadn't really explored it much, but I knew it was small enough for me to manage as this project has already reached phenomenal scales in my brain!

No offense to Saskan Harbour creator Johnnywr, but I had to bulldoze all the residences on the island for this particular little project. ;) And as I bulldozed to my heart's content, I dreamt up a dream for this place.

I have quite a few books on turn-of-the-century house plans (last century, not this one... ;). I looooove building them. So I have decided that my Saskan Harbour, which I have re-named "Radford Island", will have homes and businesses that reflect that time period as much as is possible.

The people - they'll be modern. And some of the interiors will be more modern, as well. As if the entire town loves and protects the heritage they have, but they do have to have modern conveniences. I mean, come on... life goes on!

Thusly, I bring you the first of my little starter homes... WAIT! I must show you maps!!!

Downtown Radford Island - no homes since the bulldozer came through   
Just to the north-west of the downtown area is where some smaller homes will be - starters or retirement houses.
There is a lovely waterfall and fishing hole just up the road from the starter village area - great for getting free food on the table!

All righty, then, now that the maps are over, here is my first home. I'll have to get more pics of the inside some other time, me-thinks. This is the one on the left above, #9 Hillfoot Ave.

I'm trying to go with fairly "period" colours for these homes and buildings, as well. Oh - and "Radford" came from one of my fave books from the Radford Architectural Company, which had its 11th printing in 1909. The town and the island go by the same name so as to avoid confusion in my brain. ;)

I had created a "realtor" sim to move into these homes so I could get good picture angles. Meet Keven Braet - named in honour of a realtor we know and like, although to be honest, this sim looks nothing like the real guy!

Keven would like to show you the second house I built, #10 Hillfoot Ave. - and yes, there are more inside pics of this one! LOL It was obviously decorated with the lady of the house's desires in mind. ;) And it tends to have a bit of an old-fashioned feel to the entire home.

Master Bedroom
Twin girls are moving into this cute room

That is where I've gotten to so far with Radford Island. No! I lie! I actually built a library, as well, but you'll have to wait for that one as I haven't taken piccies.

Funny thing - I was not making families for these homes, and in the time it took for Keven to walk from one lot to the other (I had him phone up and "move out"), some squatter took over 9 Hillfoot Ave! I had to chase him down at the campsite to get a good look at him. And - well, suffice it to say, the nice people of Radford Island do not need folks like this bounder around!

So I shooed him on home and promptly evicted him! Then I promptly went into CAS and made a nice elderly couple to move in. This is Henry and Marge Baxter. I believe Henry must be a retired professor of some sort, and Marge loooooves to cook - and test her cooking! (Bit of a Jack Sprat thing going on, methinks.)
Marge and Henry Baxter of 9 Hillfoot Ave.
I'll show you the family who now inhabits 10 Hillfoot Ave. next time. I had to kick another squatter out when Keven "moved" across town to where I'm going to build the mayor's home! So I've learned my lesson - move the family in with Keven, then have Keven move out. Bingo. No squatters. ;)

Till next time, this is Webby and her tired, tangled brain signing off...  *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*


  1. Awww Webby this is such a cute little project! I love those 2 new starter homes and I am dying to see the library! I like your simmies too, I am quite challenged in the create a sim department so I always end up giving makeovers to the EAxis sims. Looking good love! Looking forward to the next installment as always.

    Ps. Those pink cabinets in house 2 are cute as a button!

  2. Thankies, LJ! Those are essentially EAxis sims made over - and aged. LOL But I fussed with stuff you never really see, like makeup and the colour of glass frames... *rolls eyes* You should have seen how long it took me to make the mom, pop, and twin girls for these guys' neighbours! LOL And again - merely EAxis sims tweaked up and made over. ;)

  3. Ooh, how exciting to see some pics of Radford Island! It's looking awesome so far! Those two houses are freakin' adorable, and I love Marge and Henry. I still love how you do mostly EA stuff with touches of CC here and there. And you don't overclutter (which I tend to do at times :-p). Everything looks tasteful, beautiful, and very playable! Can't wait to see the library, and I hope you're having fun with this project!

  4. Thanks, Jen! I'm building these houses to play in, thus the very low clutter. Although I do have to admit it IS rather my style, too. LOL

    I'm having the darndest time modernizing the interiors, though, apart from good appliances. :P These homes just seem to demand matching decor. However, I'm currently working on the mayor's house, and he is going to have a HUGE yard with the new OL SP stuff all over the freaking place! LOL His home is freaking huge, too - two full floors and an attic space, lovely veranda... and a 3-sided ocean view. :D I may have to put a boathouse in the yard to take up some space! LOL

  5. Coolness! Is that the house you posted about on the LS forum? It's gorgeous! And I know what you mean about the older homes demanding matching decor...I just saw the Jazz Age set at the store and decided I NEED that stuff for my 1920s houses (even though my Sims aren't living in the 1920s)... ;-p

  6. Yup, that's the house! In fact, I didn't finish it before I moved in the "mayor" and his wife and toddler. LOL They're loaded, though, so finishing it will be no troubles. ;)

  7. This is coming along wonderfully, Buttercup - I do hope you actually stick to something (for once) and keep going with this ;0)

  8. ROFLOL! Ah, you know me so well. I'm actually quite obsessed with it. I'm dying to play the mayor - actually, I'm dying to play all of the three families I've made so far! But I must get more houses and families in town first. *giggle* It's a super-good outlet for my turn-of-the-century craze!

  9. Have you seen the new Jazz sets at the store? They'd probably fit in perfectly to Radford Island. Genuinely looking forwards to seeing what you do with this. I love Jen's Ely Corners etc - you both make me want to have a go at a project like this, but I have the attention span of a rabid gnat!

  10. I have seen that stuff and I do believe I'll be nabbing quite a bit of it, if not all of it for this project!

  11. I have no words! This projects is fantastic! Please complete it!!!
    My congrats

  12. Wow.. I wish I had the patience for this.. But sadly.. I don't. LOL!

  13. LOL Thanks, Stefy and Hollywood!

    I've been a bit occupied with the re-building of our main site, Sims 3 Musketeers, of late, but I promise as soon as that's re-launched and I have some free time, I'll be finishing Cora and Gary's story and then going full-force on Radford! xo