Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cora in L.A. - Part Five

As we left Cora, she'd had a mild mental breakdown and had decided she could give a random client at the Wiltshire Beauty Salon, home of the famous fashionista Hilary Bumgarner, a makeover. I suppose we had better see what happened next.

Cora in L.A. - Part Four

And now for the fourth chapter in this saga, wherein Cora becomes a complete re-do and then has a small moment of insanity...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cora in L.A. - Part Three

In previous installments, Cora has been seen authoring books in the dining room in her intimates, the butler didn't do laundry, a maid was fired and then re-hired, and Gary was feeling pretty framming comfortable with his snazzy new home and life with Cora. I think it's time we dug a little bit deeper into the lives of these three L.A. residents, don't you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cora in L.A. - Part Two

Shall we continue with Cora's escapades?? (You know what this story-telling will do, don't you? It will make me want to play Cora again and keep writing. *giggle*)

Cora in L.A.

This is a bit of a random story about my Simself who is, in many ways, my alter-ego. ;) Her name is Cora Dixon and I moved her into a home I first built in Sunset Valley. However, the home seemed like it would fit well into Los Aniegos, and sure enough, I found the perfect lot for it! Cora happily agreed to The Controller's idea of moving to sunny L.A., so plop her down I did.