Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cora in L.A.

This is a bit of a random story about my Simself who is, in many ways, my alter-ego. ;) Her name is Cora Dixon and I moved her into a home I first built in Sunset Valley. However, the home seemed like it would fit well into Los Aniegos, and sure enough, I found the perfect lot for it! Cora happily agreed to The Controller's idea of moving to sunny L.A., so plop her down I did.

Day of arrival - early morning in the big city.

Cora settles in, grabbing the paper on her way through the courtyard.

Hmmm... not much going on, and the job market is uninteresting. Cora decides she'll just be a writer and work from home - and hopefully the big city excitement she's heard about will pick up later.

Now here is something that puzzles her - her goldfish, Goldie Hawn, seems to have found a twin!!! (It only lasted for a couple of seconds, which led Cora to believe The Controller was trying to play tricks on her. I wasn't! I swear!)

Desperately needing some fun and excitement, Cora books an appointment at the spa. Maybe she'd meet someone there to make friends with. So off she goes in the pretty car that The Controller provided with the house for her.

Well, the spa treatment was wonderful, but Cora still hadn't met anyone too interesting. She searched the street to see if there were anyone suitable to introduce herself to.

And what do you know, but there was a rather handsome-looking dude chatting in front of the bistro next door! In a tux, no less! Cora was always a sucker for a man in a nice suit. ;) She introduced herself, saying she was new in town. He was very friendly and quickly gave her his own name - Gary Murphy. (Aside - very funny, as my hubby's name starts with "G" and this guy kinda reminds me of him when he was younger! LOL) They were soon into an easy conversation with each other, trading personal stuff like what they thought of the arts and what their favourite foods were.

While Cora loved salmon, Gary extolled the virtues of a good Cherry Cobbler (which is also funny, as my RL hubby would LOVE cherry cobbler!)

The all-important food conversation over with, it was soon apparent that Gary was interested in spending more time with Cora... At least, that's what The Controller assumed by the expression on his face.

And Cora, being the Hopeless Romantic that she was, fairly swooned at his suggestion that they spend the rest of the day together.

Wow! First day in the big city of Los Aniegos and Cora already had a romantic interest! In fact, it seemed Gary was just as taken - he called the next day and asked if she'd like to spend the afternoon at the beach. But it didn't end there - then there was a walk in the park near the beach and watching the sun set from the top of a grassy knoll. As evening fell, they found themselves staring into each other's eyes near the park's gazebo.

Then a little romantic whispering went on...

Gary led Cora to the gazebo and they sat and talked for a long time - until the moon was pretty high in the sky, actually. Finally, finally, he kissed her.

Well, I'm quite sure Cora didn't remember much of the night after that. She was flying high with her "first love" and the fact that Gary was not just a great dresser, but a Great Kisser as well! She didn't care that he was currently unemployed - he had big plans, BIG plans! He wanted to reach Level 10 of not one, not two, but THREE skills in life to become a true Renaissance Sim! Wow. Just wow!

After one more date, she knew it was time to pop the question:

"Will you move in with me? Half-sies on everything? Sound good?"

Gary excitedly agreed, and hoped she had some veggies in the fridge so he could make a salad. (Huh???)

Wouldn't you know it but their first night together they were robbed! Thankfully, the LA cop made it into the home on time to confront the perpetrator, although it looks like he'd rather be sitting at his computer still...

You really don't want to hear the filth that came out of the crook's mouth when he was beat up by a chubby cop. I've edited the audio for you so no one is offended.

Well, Cora was quite shaken up, but Gary gave her a reassuring hug and reminded her that nothing had even been taken, so all was well.

Cora went back to bed while Gary chatted with the cop. "This is my 5th robber this week! I'm up for a badge promotion for this one, I am!"

"Wow, that's great news, Chet!" Gary patted the guy on the arm. Good to see the Los Aniegos cops excited about their work, isn't it?

Gary and Cora weren't exactly wanting for money in this home. Cora decided her time would be better spent writing, so she hired a maid. You gotta love the Los Aniegos maids, I tell ya!

Gary ended up getting a job in the Journalism Career so that he could work on writing and charisma skills. So they set up another desk off the dining area for Gary's computer.

It was wonderful working away together, tap-tap-tapping on their keyboards.

I'll finish this part of the story with a shot of the home and its setting in Los Aniegos, with Gary picking up  Cora's latest book from the mail one evening.

Since I seem to have so many pics. I'll make a second installment of Cora's story soon. Watch for more!


  1. Love the house <3 And I finally know what you get up to ;) And in those days Cora can't remember...did she do anything with Gary? *wink wink nudge nudge* ?

  2. Oh Webby that made me cry with laughter! I love how you refer to yourself as "The Controller". I can't wait for more!

  3. Thanks you two! LJ, I've referred to myself as "The Controller" for a looong time - I have tons of fun with it. :) In fact, The Controller actually made an appearance in my Sims 2 game - if you like, you could read about Goopy Gilscarbo and his "other-worldly" experience here:

    Part One:

    Part Two:

    Portia, my dear - you wouldn't want me to give away too many secrets, would you???? ;)

    I'll post more tonight. :D

  4. Ooooh thanks Webby. I am going to go off and read those too :)

  5. This was a fun read, WebbyMom, and your pics are beautiful! LA is the perfect setting for that house you built. Now I'm off to read the next one!

  6. You almost made me spew my screwdriver drink out my mouth! This is a funny,romantic story! I'm going to read the next chapter!...btw I thought it was pretty funny you named the goldfish Goldie Hawn HA!Thanks for sharing Webby! :)