About Me

How this all Started

I love writing - period. I love telling stories. They're in my head almost constantly. And The Sims has given me a really neat outlet for that - stories plus pictures! Almost like a comic book - but deeper. ;)

I've tried several formats for my stories. Being as I also love web design, I've done my own site and tweaked a photo album script to be my story-telling method.

However, it's a tad bit tedious, process-wise, to do that. :P Crop and/or re-size, re-name so they fall into place naturally, upload, then one-by-freaking-one open and add text to it, save, go to the next one... check... yadda yadda... I would write more, but the tediousness of it all prohibits me from doing so - mostly because I just don't have the time for all that! It gets to be more of a job than a joy.

Blogger has been in my life for awhile, although I've not been consistent with anything, and dumped some of my blogs altogether. I've left it alone over the last couple of years, finding it almost as hard to work with as my own site. Thus, my own site won.

But there have been changes in Blogger!. And since my good friend from the UK (whom I've never met, but we're sisters anyways!) started her own Sims blog that looked SO good and SO fun, I had to take another look at my options.

And I liked what I saw. :D

The only editing I'll need to do now is to run a folder of pictures through my Photoshop script to re-size them to fit the blog layoug nicely - about 1 minute total - then I'll upload them and simply write.

Now that is good.

About the Stories

Some of my older stories from Sims 2 have been kept here, either for sentimental reasons, or because I was really proud of them, or both. I'll continue with The Sims 3 stories as I come up with them - which means they may all be in a series, but they may or may not all be finished eventually. ;)

Most of my current Sims 3 stories are strictly what I call "life stories" - they develop as I play them in-game rather than being completely "staged" as in my Sims 2 story A Kiss to Forget. I like to find the humour in my Sims' lives, and so, hopefully, you'll see that in the stories.

With the anticipated release of Late Night, however (coning October 2010), I'm starting to dream of orchestrating my stories again. Not because of anything specifically inherent in Late Night, but more because there seems to be more great stuff for story-telling - dancing, city living, penthouses, hot tubs, "dating" out on the town... all of it seems to meld so well with my tendency to romance stories. :D We'll see what happens, I guess, won't we? ;)

I do so hope you enjoy the stories presented here! They're meant to be a bit of a fun escape - so grab your favourite drink and take a break from life!

About Me

I'm a mom of four kids, hitting my mid-forties in 2011. I've always been a lover of romantic things. I am married to a wonderful husband (23 years in 2010) who's the world's BEST carpenter - not even kidding! He's built me two wonderful houses in our life together. We live in Prince George, BC - and I'd never live outside BC for the life of me! We have a wonderfully beautiful province, a wonderfully beautiful family, and life is good.

I have recently completed the online Associate Certificate course in Web Technologies through BCIT. I own HeinSites, a web design company, and co-own Riverbend Construction and Renovations Ltd. with my husband and our partners. I also co-own Sims 3 Musketeers with my dear friends Lilymayrose and Simcastic, who I love dearly despite never having met them in real life! (One day, we must hop that plane.... ;) )