Friday, November 12, 2010

Thou dost not defeat me! (Yet...)

Join us now for the continuing stoooorrrry of WebbyMom and her computer and her [dad-blasted] Sims 3 game...

 Attempting to install Ambitions was proving fruitless to the hapless WebbyMom. At the same time, while Late Night ran, the launcher always said "An error occurred and the launcher is now quitting" as soon as she hit the play button, despite the fact that thereafter, the game launched just fine.

In an intelligent guess-timate (and a desperation that fuels all serious gaming addictions), Webby then attempted to install World Adventures next.

Wonder of wonders, it worked! The Webby squiggled with joy in her seat as it installed, and again when it ran in her Late Night town with seemingly no problems.

Giddy with happiness and hoping this would solve all troubles with Ambitions, she tried again to install it from the EADM.

Nothing. Notta. Zilch. Still "erroring out", if you pardon my coining a phrase.

Despite spending a minimum of 1 hour on the official tech forum and/or EA support set-ups and not finding any love for her troubles, Webby decides that, since others have hinted to an EADM update crisis and seemingly connected launcher glitches, she would uninstall EADM and reinstall it from the most recent link to it online.

The only trouble with that is, of course, that now the EADM has forgotten that Amibtions was previously downloaded - and The Webby is stuck waiting for it to download once again before further testing can be done. During which time she has coloured her hair, had a shower, loaded and started the dishwasher and played a level of Ranch Rush.

Oh - and penned this tome. ;)

And still, we are at a mere 70% of being done, so now our heroine must find something else to occupy her time (other than downloading yet more CC crap) whilst it completes it's task.

Oh, Horatio - if I hadst only known the heartaches that did befall me ere I bought this franchise, I wouldst have run far, far into the forest, never to return. sigh

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  1. You know you would be a very good comedian! LOL!

    I hope your troubles wil be it may seem INCONCEIVABLE at the moment! :)