Saturday, December 11, 2010

Before and After - 120 Wright Way

Does anyone remember this horrid monstrosity from Sunset Valley? (click to see the full-sized horror in all its gory)

Well, I decided to do away with the house and went slap-happy with the hammer tool. ;) Then I decided to keep the deck but add this house to the lot instead. And I moved in someone very special to finish the work:

WebbyMom's Simself, Cora Dixon

My Sim Self! *giggle*

This is the view she has from her deck:

Looking towards The Wolff's and the Lightouse

And this is the outside of the house so far - lots of work yet to be done (and I do believe those purple hydrangeas have to go *gag* - not the best decision there...)

Back view - I had to extend the cliff a bit more to fit in the house, so I'll smooth it all over later when I do landscaping. I made a nice little reading area for Cora on the deck so she's out of the way while I finish the house. LOL

Here's the courtyard. I love the new fountain tools, really cool stuff! Much to finish here, as well.

Being as I am not really in the story-telling mood right now, I thought I'd just post updates to this makeover instead. I'm definitely going for more of a modern look than the plan picture shows. And I'm so in love with the Bauhaus windows, they're perfect for this build. I've bricked their outside trim, I think it's looking really neat that way!

Well - look for an update to this series, maybe even later today. ;)


  1. That's a very cool house, and I like the houseplan you were following, too! You're right, the Bauhaus windows look awesome, especially trimmed in brick -- it looks modern while still being warm and homey. It's funny, I actually like the original house on that spot -- one of the few EA houses I could stand, because it reminded me of an old seaside bungalow. ;-) But I like weird stuff sometimes. I think your house looks amazing in that spot -- what a view!

  2. Thanks, Jen! Sorry for knocking your fave EA house! LOL! (I literally knocked it - right over! LOL)