Monday, August 2, 2010

Knowles Legacy, Chapter Seven

Sonia was fitting right in with the Knowles clan. She was an eager learner so Ayesha started teaching her about fixing things and how their collecting lifestyle worked. She was growing very attached to her daughter-in-law.

Geoff forgot that he needed to collect all the types of beetles yet in order to get the point for "finishing all collection challenges" and got to work on his LTW of having 20 friends.

Just a few days after Geoff's birthday, it was Ayesha's turn to stand behind the cake.

She, too, surveyed the room. The son who'd become a responsible adult, the man she loved, the daughter she'd never had. Life was good.

She wished for grandbabies and blew out the candles.

Then she giggled nervously as the sparkles started up.

But once it was over, she was happy. Aaah - just having the grey hair made her feel like grandbabies must be on their way for sure!

She did, however, get rid of that horrid formal outfit and picked a dress more suited to her wilder nature. And she hated being pure white - so a little salt-n-pepper was in order.

Now, all along the Knowles' had been buying partnerships in several stores. The grocery store had been bought out and its name changed to "Knowles Foods and Fish". Since both Ayesha and Geoff were getting ready to pass on their hard work, they transferred all their partnership and ownership deeds to Kimball. He went out and immediately finished purchasing the Little Corsican Bistro, changing it to "Knowles Corsican Bistro".

And what was this? Well, a few nights later, they were robbed yet again! This time, Geoff beat up the crook. He may be older, but he hasn't lost any muscle mass yet!

Frightened and whipped, the crook ran into the house and waved her arms around, wondering what to do in her panic.

Then she screeched and covered her ears as the burglar alarm went off.

Unfortunately, this one got away. The cop passed her on the walk. *chokes*

Kimball and Sonia spent a lot of time in their room - they were glad they didn't share a wall with Geoff and Ayesha's room!

One morning, Sonia woke up feeling different. She felt special, and sweet, and motherly, and delirious, and...


Ooooooh, you just can't say enough horrid things about throwing up into a toilet, can you?

And as these things go, one day, she found her belly growing. She was so happy that she'd be blessing her in-laws with an heir!

But she was also wanting to tell her own mother! So she took a cab down to her childhood home by the beach and waddled up the front porch.

"Hey Mom!" she called as she entered the front door.

Claire Ursine was completely thrilled when she found out the good news!

"Oh, my dear, I'll make us a nice lunch to celebrate!" she chuffed.

Claire loved making nice lunches. It's probably why Sonia has always struggled with her weight!

Sonia giggled quietly as Claire busied herself in the kitchen, humming happily the whole time and calling out possible baby names to Sonia every once in awhile.

And it was a nice luncheon - waffles with real butter and scads of sweet syrup. Exactly what Sonia had been craving!

Claire insisted on cleaning up and having Sonia rest in the living room. When she joined her, she couldn't stop talking about the baby - how she looked forward to feeding him, and changing him, and cuddling him, and spoiling him.

Sonia laughed. "Mom, you don't even know if it will be a boy or not, but you keep saying 'him'!"

"Oh, you just stand up, young lady," Claire scolded aimiably. Sonia did so, and Claire felt her tummy. "Now, that is a boy, my dear. If that's not a boy, my name is Mud!" she chirped gaily.

Sonia chuckled. "OK, Mom, if you say so."

But then a strange gold, sparkly atmosphere surrounded Claire. Sonia gasped in horror.

"Mom! What is that! Mom! Mom!"

But her mom didn't answer. She was gone.

Sonia covered her mouth and screamed.

Her mother hung close for a minute while Sonia cried her heart out in great, groaning sobs. It seemed like a bad dream. But it wasn't a bad dream - The Grim Reaper appeared to confirm this was reality.

"Please!" Sonia begged Grim through her tears. "Please! Please don't let it be now!"

He ignored her.

It seemed that even Claire wanted a chance to stay to see her grandson born. She fell to her knees and Sonia heard her mother's desperate pleas mix with her own wailing.

But it was not to be. Death was a Grim Reaper indeed.

Sonia took a long time to regain some semblance of awareness. Her grief struck her to the core.

Finally, however, she called a cab and went home to the Knowles' house, looking for one last time on the childhood house she may never enter again.

Ayesha took one look at Sonia and instantly panicked. She looked pale - deathly pale.

"My dear, what's wrong?" she asked worriedly.

Sonia threw herself into Ayesha's arms while sobs wracked her body.

"Mom died!" she managed to get out between gasping cries.

"Oh lord," Ayesha whispered, instantly clinging tighter to her precious daughter-in-law.

After some time, when Sonia's crying had lessened just a bit, Ayesha held her by the shoulders.

"Look at me, Sonia," she ordered gently. Sonia did.

"I cannot replace your mother. I wouldn't even try. But I am here for you, darling, and I promise to help you in whatever way I can."

"Thank you," Sonia said quietly.

"Now, love, I know this is hard, but dry your eyes. This little one needs a healthy mommy, and you have to eat, dear. Let me get you some hot soup and a cup of tea, OK?"

"Yes, thanks," Sonia said, wiping her eyes.

News had spread fast through town, and as Ayesha went to the kitchen to make Sonia lunch, Kimball rushed in.

"Oh my gosh, honey, I just heard! Sweetheart, I'm so sorry I wasn't there! Or here! Oh my dear, I'm so sorry."

Sonia smiled weakly. "It's all right, Kimball, you're mom was here. She's so sweet."

"How's the baby?" Kimball fussed.  That managed to get a very small chuckle out of Sonia.

"I think he's fine," she said.

Because it was a "he". She just knew it.

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