Monday, August 2, 2010

Knowles Legacy, Chapter Six

The day finally arrived for Kimball's birthday. It had been a loooong four days.

His parents cheered. They were proud of their son.

A wish and a blow, and Kimball was an adult! He got the last trait of "Angler", because his lifetime wish is to present the perfect acquarium.

Still looking like his father, but with his mother's haircolor. And just as serious-looking as Geoff, too!

"Well, I guess that's it for the books for me," he enthused over cake. "No more school, how awesome is that!?"

"Just remember what you need to do now, son," Geoff reminded him.

Geoff had been talking about collecting things, but Kimball had something else to do FIRST.

He called Sonia up as soon as he could!

"Oh heavens!" Sonia exclaimed after this Great Kisser greeted her with a big ol' smoocheroo. "I've been waiting four freaking days for that!"

"Me too!" Kimball laughed.

However, it wasn't until the next night that Kimball pulled the surprise out of the hat.

They'd been chatting happily on the porch when without warning, Kimball dropped to his knee.

"Kimball Knowles, what the fram are you doing?" Sonia asked.

Then all words stopped and her mouth dropped open as he held up a box.

Kimball opened the box and smiled as her mouth opened further and she gasped in delight.

Fram, he loved this woman. He always had.

Kimball cleared his throat. "You know, we have a tradition in the Knowles family. Well, I'm the second to do it, so now it's tradition." He grinned. "I found this diamond up by the old mine, and I had it cut and set into this ring for you - just like my dad did for my mom."

Tears welled up in Sonia's eyes. "You will be my wife, won't you Sonia?" Kimball asked as he slipped the ring on her finger.

Sonia screeched. "Are you kidding?" she yelled. "I thought you were going to ask me last night! You horrid beast for making me wait another entire day!"

Kimball laughed heartily as Sonia flung herself into his arms. "Serves you right for growing up four days before me," he teased.

So the cars were moved over in anticipation of possibly having to expand the house. At it turned out, however, there was plenty of room above the living room to build another "master" bedroom for Sonia and Kimball - and it was also close to the upstairs nursery.

Despite the parents on both sides wanting a wedding at the park, Kimball and Sonia just wanted a private little ceremony. Late one night, they got married on the front walk to the Kimball residence.
They professed their love, exchanged rings, and kissed.

Which led to more kissing.

Which lead to even more kissing. After all, Kimball's a great kisser!!!
And that lead to their new master bedroom!

I'm sure you all know what comes next, no need to bore you with further pictures. ;)
Well, maybe one picture - because this woman really, really, really needs some fashion help!
However, Kimball had never been concerned with her fashion sense or her weight or anything else. He just snuggled up to her happily and they drifted off to sleep.
The newlyweds took a bit of a honeymoon - as in, Kimball didn't really get out to collect a whole lot, or even fish too much. Sonia spent some time learning basic cooking skills, getting to know her new in-laws better, and loving on Kimball.

Soon, it was Geoff's birthday, and they all assembled in the kitchen for the party.
 Geoff looked at his son and his new daughter-in-law and knew his legacy was in good hands.

Now if they'd only have a kid!
And he looked at his amazing wife, who'd put up with his late-night galavanting for gems, fish, and ghosts. What would he do without Ayesha!? What a blessed day that was when he'd met her in the park!
He wasn't sure what to wish for. He ended up wishing that this whole aging thing wouldn't hurt.
The sparkles were freaky, because they prickled. But it wasn't exactly hurting.

Shocked at first, he stared at his old-looking skin.

But then he threw up his hands and laughed!

"Retirement, here I come!" he chuckled.
His formal wear was great, but his everyday wear was a disaster, so he headed on into the shops to change his look. ;)

And he had to get glasses. What can you say? Getting old sucks sometimes.
Anyway, they finished the night in style, gobbled down the cake, and teased Kimball and Sonia about giving them grandchildren.

Geoff hoped the grandkids would come soon - but he had the feeling there were a few more things they'd have to go through first.

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